He is a Sagittarius born 1974 in Germany, lives inbetween Italy, Monaco and France.

 speaks fluently German, English, Italian, French, Romanian, and some Russian.



Born 1982 under the sign of Aries, in Romania, Madalina, the beloved wife of Chris, is as gentle as explosive, exactly like a iron fist in a velvet glow. She laugh to any resemblance of her to Mia Khalifa and always redirects you to the fact that Chris is almost the perfect copy of Orlando Bloom. 


PORSCHE 911T 2.2

  • Build in 1970 in Germany

  • Delivered and sold in 1971 to Sicily

  • Full Matching Numbers

  • prepeared for the Journey by TUTHILL PORSCHE

  • 6 Cylinder Aircooled Engine

  • 2190 ccm

  • 125hp @ 5800 rpm

  • 5-speed manual gearbox

  • produced from 1969 to 1971


the Watchdog